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Engage Your User

When a person can simply pick up their mobile device, press your logo, and engage, you are creating a fan. People connect with people.

Personalize your Message

Create believers using your own words, your own pictures, your own videos to convery your unique features.

Communicate Effectively

With our innovative selective push notifications, you can communicate in real-time to your team, staff, customers, networks, church, school, clients, fans, patrons with over a 90% read rate.

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One Button

One touch opens the array of benefits, search options, GPS location, shopping, donations, podcasts, bulletins, trainings, registrations…this is only the tip of the iceberg. The sky is your limit.

Share and Hear

Growing your app social presence occurs when users are able to receive useful relevant information and are able to post requests, feedback, and pictures.

Market Your Brand

With your customized, branded app, you’ll be able to attract new people and help them stay connected.

Our Apps have a 4.9 Star Average Rating!

4.9 stars 1

“Absolutely the best app on my phone! Building and launching my app was easier than creating my facebook page.”
“This is one of those “must have” apps. This is a great tool. It makes giving easy, keeps you up to date on events and messages and puts past messages at your finger tips.”
“Super convenient! All of the video/audio/devo resources I use in one place plus info on all events and more. Great design!”


The best app to notify and engage users, schedule events, find locations, e-commerce,
serve up mutli-media content
and more.

Targeted Selective
Push Notifications

Send push notifications out to your whole audience or specify a group for targeted messaging.

Mobile Shopping

Instantly turn your Shopify account into a mobile shop.

Interactive Groups
with Smart Push

Interaction is a must. Create groups and allow people within these groups to seamlessly communicate and connect with each other anytime, anywhere.

Professional Setup

Don’t have a graphic designer or just don’t have the time? Simply send us your logo and we’ll create the app homepage for you.


Update your app without resubmitting to the app store.

Free Updates

At nfluence Apps, we don’t believe in nickel and diming you. When we release a new feature or update the system, we release it to you at no additional monthly cost.


Include Podcasts, YouTube, Vimeo, Mp3’s and Videos.

Event Calendars

Keep people in the loop by creating targeted calendars and sync your Google Cal or iCal for instant updating.

Social Walls

Create your own in app social network.

Web View

Connect to anything on the web inside the app.

Places and Locations

Create a directory of locations with information and directions.

RSS Reader

Instantly sync your RSS feeds right into your app.

Digital Bulletins

Save time and money by never having to print another bulletin. This feature alone will allow the app to pay for itself.

Contact Information

Help people get in touch with you by listing your contact info. You can even segment by department for easy access.

Connection Forms

No more missing out on opportunities to connect with people. Have them fill out a digital form with your preferred method and make sure you get all the info you need.

Easy To Use

No IT experience or coding required. We’ve created the system so that anyone of any level, whether staff or volunteer, can easily manage your app.


Want to do something unique? You will be blown away how easy it is to customize features, artwork, layouts and more. Plus, our help desk and tutorial videos to show you how.

Cross Platform

Whether your users have iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet, you’re covered. Update your app’s content and it will sync between all devices as well.

Instant Updates

No need to bother users with frequent updates, when changes are to your app’s content or functionality, simply click publish, and BAM! it goes live across all your users’ devices.

Ongoing Development

Our development efforts are focused on empowering you in exciting and innovative ways, which is why we roll out new features and updates just about every quarter. All of which you get at no additional monthly cost.

Share App

Make it easy for your users to spread the word about your app by sharing via text, email, or to their social networks.

About Information

Help people get to know you and what you stand for by listing your mission statement and values.

Staff Directory

Let people get to know who you are and how to contact you with your digital staff directory.

HTML Editor

Although we pretty much have everything, if you want to get creative, you can design pages with our easy to use HTML editor.

Live Stream Integration

Link up with your streaming services to allow people to stay plugged in even when they’re away.

Web Page Integration

Looking to promote or link to a web page but want your users to stay in the app? Simply plug in the URL and direct them where you wish without having them leave the app.

Social Media Integration

Link to your social media pages to help people get connected in a variety of ways. Users can also sync up their Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy sharing.

3 Easy Steps to Build your App…

Kaleo Giving Devices


Sign Up for a plan. Give us your logo (high-resolution) and off we go into our labratory to begin your App buildout. Before you know it, a preview App is sent to your mobile device to preview.


We handle all the heavy lifting to ensure your App buildout goes smooth and seamless. We submit your app to Android and Apple App Stores which takes about 2 to 3 weeks to go live. Apple and Google require App owners to set-up a Developers account. Developers account is a license to register and publish in App stores. Apple ($99 annual fee) and Google ($25 one-time fee).



We ride with you all the way. We will coach you with great learning tools, best practice methods, so you can spend minimal time maintaining your App (we know you are super busy) to produce maximum results.

Enjoy a Contract-Free Service

We believe in our Apps so much, we are contract-free.

Pick the plan that works best for you.

Basic Plan


  • Email Support
  • iPhone, Android & HTML5 Apps
  • Apple & Android Setup
  • Homepage Design Included
  • Up to 500 Downloads
  • Tutorial Resources
  • $299 One-time Setup

"Most Popular"

Premium Plan


  • Scheduled Live Support
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, & HTML5 Apps
  • Apple & Android Setup
  • Homepage Design Included
  • Up to 10,000 Downloads
  • Tutorial Resources
  • $499 One-time Setup
  • (Setup includes 30 minutes 1 on 1 training)

Business Plan


  • Live Support
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, & HTML5 Apps
  • Apple & Android Setup
  • Homepage Design Included
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Monthly 30-minute Mobile Centric Coaching
  • $849 One-time Setup
  • (Setup includes One hour 1 on 1 training)
  • Set-up and create (2) Online Forms

Join In the Mobile Revolution

Let’s Build your App!


THE MOBILE REVOLUTION. People are reaching for their mobile phones and tablets as their “go-to” devices when they want information instantly. In fact, 31% of mobile users don’t have access to desktops or laptops. They rely on mobile devices exclusively. If you seek to reach this ever-widening target, mobile needs to be a core part of your strategy. It’s time to go mobile.